sdffsdafdsfdssfsdff Alberta born, Vancouver Island singer-songwriter, artist, sculptor, painter, electrician is not in a hurry  to get his latest project out there…..”why...what for?", he says …. “I’ve had the door slammed on my tortured hands from enough art venues in the past to be not intimidated by any music venture out there, especially since I hear the pay is poor, lousy hours and the work is hard, it’s nothing new to me, so I'm in NO HURRY to go anywhere soon”…

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  • 1. Don't Blame Me
  • 2. That's Alright
  • 3. Empty Bottle
  • 4. No Soul
  • 5. Try
  • 6. Two Shots
  • 7. Reil
  • 8. LIVE , Thats Alright
  • 9. LIVE , Two Shots




Brian would like to thank everyone involved in the production of this CD.
Each person brings their own dynamic to the table, and the result is a unique and unmistakable sound that must be heard.
The Woodshop Recording Studio

This CD is a compilation of songs written at various time during the past 5 years…not all from life’s personal experiences, mostly being lucky enough to be on the side observing and sharing in others misfortunes and happier times.
This is for those who might wish to share in how Brian sees the world around him. Don’t Blame Me - a reflection of how our society bs’s itself by not being responsible for anything” “That’s Alright - being accepted wherever you go” “Empty Bottle - everyone knows someone here” “No Soul - like a rag-doll-rodeo, like a preacher gone wild, live another day try to get old” “Try - slow down a little, enjoy life’s fun” “Two Shots -a past friend who tried china white heroin, one shot worked, where did the other one go” “Reil - a Metis Leader murdered by the Canadian government to steal the Metis Lands, how much has changed since then?" 

That's Alight - LIVE, Two Shots, LIVE - recorded at birthday Jam, March 2001